Keleher & McLeod, P.A. Summer Clerkship Program

A Summer Clerkship with Keleher & McLeod is a great first-step in your legal career. It's also a rewarding experience. Each summer we hire three to four summer clerks, usually in their second year of law school, to work with us for twelve weeks.

The summer clerkship program gives law students an opportunity to experience a broad range of legal work and become acquainted with the attorneys at Keleher & McLeod. It is designed to promote a team environment where the summer clerks work and learn together. In addition to researching and drafting legal memoranda, motions and briefs, we provide opportunities to attend depositions, hearings and trials, client meetings, mediations and other "lawyerly" functions.

Our summer clerks enjoy the benefit of working closely with all our attorneys to experience real, meaningful work. Summer associates are not viewed as simply research assistants but are expected to be a vital part of their assigned projects.

Summer clerks at Keleher & McLeod have the opportunity to work in all of the firm's practice areas and are not assigned to a particular area. This provides summer clerks the unique ability to work in many diverse areas of law without the pressure of having to pick a specialty early in their legal careers. If, however, a summer clerk has the desire to work with an emphasis in a specific area of law, accommodations can be made.

Two of our attorneys are designated coordinators of the summer clerkship program. They regulate workload and help to ensure that each summer associate has a positive experience that closely parallels practicing law at Keleher & McLeod.

We actively recruit on campus at the University of New Mexico School of Law, but accept resumes from all 2-L's. If you are interested in the Summer Clerkship Program but we do not recruit on campus at your school, please send a letter of interest, resume, transcript, and writing sample by mail to:

Recruiting Committee
Post Office Box AA
Albuquerque, New Mexico&nbp; 87103

or by E-mail to:

We encourage all applicants from out of state to discuss their connection to New Mexico in their application package.


Our summer clerkship program is our primary pool for hiring new lawyers. At the end of the summer, we will consider making offers of permanent employment. It is Keleher & McLeod's goal to hire first year associates through the summer clerkship program.

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