Practice Areas of the Keleher & McLeod Law Firm


Business and Commercial Litigation

Key Practitioners

Photo of Andrew Anders Open

Andrew Anders

Photo of Brian J. Haverly Open

Brian J. Haverly
Shareholder and Director

Photo of Andrew L. Johnson Open

Andrew L. Johnson

Photo of Deron B. Knoner Open

Deron B. Knoner
Shareholder and Director

Photo of Julianna T. Maes Open

Julianna T. Maes

Photo of Chris R. Marquez Open

Chris R. Marquez

Photo of Sean Olivas Open

Sean Olivas
Shareholder and Director

Photo of Robert J. Perovich Open

Robert J. Perovich
Of Counsel

Photo of David W. Peterson Open

David W. Peterson
Shareholder and Director

Photo of James L. Rasmussen Open

James L. Rasmussen
Of Counsel

Photo of Spencer Reid Open

Spencer Reid
Of Counsel

Photo of Nathan S. Stimson Open

Nathan S. Stimson

Photo of Gary J. Van Luchene Open

Gary J. Van Luchene
Shareholder and Director

Photo of Kurt Wihl Open

Kurt Wihl
Shareholder and Director

Our Practice Areas

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